We’re really excited to announce a major revision to our Full Stack Web Development Curriculum. Starting today, you will have access to a new and improved Javascript Module. As a programming school, it is crucial that we are constantly keeping our material up to date and listening to our students. 

This change is due to months of observing the gaps in students’ knowledge as well as direct feedback from both our in person and online students.The new material is designed to help you learn JavaScript more effectively. 

You shouldn’t notice any major differences in your Learn experience. We’ve modified a bunch of lessons and added a few so the total number of lessons has changed. While the number of lessons has changed, the time for students to complete the course has not. Many lessons have been broken down into focused lessons causing the total number of lessons to increase.

Due to the increased educational effectiveness, if you are still in the Javascript module, we highly encourage you to switch to the new track. The new material has a modified testing system and puts a stronger focus on plain vanilla javascript, new ES2015 syntax and functional JavaScript topics. All of these changes will make it easier for the transition from plain JavaScript to React. In addition to the technical changes, we have revised the material to be more story driven and hopefully more enjoyable to go through.

To switch to the new track, you should select the Curriculum drop down on the top left, and then choose the Change button. Under that list select “Full Stack Web Development V3”. We will close this option on October 23rd. If you are in the React section, you’ll notice a new track called “JavaScript V3” which you can check out if you want a JavaScript refresher.

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