Each pairing session will be different because every student is different. But here are a few guiding principles to get the most out of your experience:

  • Get tech-ready to pair. We highly recommend pairing over video chat. To make it easy for you, there will automatically be a videochat link with your pair provided through appear.in.
  • Introduce yourself! This may seem obvious but take the time to get to know one another - not just which Lab you're working on, but what brought you to Learn and why you're learning to code!
  • Establish time availability. Be clear up front how much time you have available. Timing will determine what is really accomplishable together - whether it's talking through a concept in the next hour or spending the entire afternoon on a difficult Lab together.
  • Passenger vs. Driver. Then switch! Consider the concept of two distinct roles when you're pairing. We recommend identifying who will be the driver (the person screensharing and writing the code) and who will be the passenger (the person reviewing the code and offering suggestions). Roles should always switch up so both students can benefit from the learning experience.
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