Yes! You are more than welcome to contribute to our open source curriculum. We encourage everyone to add and improve the curriculum. Use this editor whenever you see an issue in the content of the lesson. It could be a misspelled word, or a concept that could use further clarification.

At the top of the lesson you should see a button to Edit Lesson. This will open the text of the lesson in an editor. You can try your hand at Markdown, or use the handy editor we've provided. Add your contribution and then click submit to open a pull request with your change.

Once the curriculum team reviews your open pull request, and if they agree with the change, they will merge it in. You'll get to contribute to the curriculum and pick up some nice open source contribution credit at the same time. Once your change is merged in you will be notified via email. If your change was rejected for one reason, or another, you will also receive an email.


Editing lesson:

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