If you are part of our Online Web Developer Program, there are several ways that you can ask for help on your project. First, check the study group page to see if there is a study group coming up soon for your specific project. If there is not, then you can request a one on one with a Technical Coach to focus specifically on your project. Before you request a one on one, please be aware of the following requirements:

Complete all of your labs, previous project review if applies, and reading materials prior to the project.

Please choose the option that is suited for the project you are working on.

Choose a time to meet with a Portfolio Support Coach that works with your schedule. 

(A student must show for their scheduled appointment. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, then notify us as soon as possible. If you have an unexcused absence then, unfortunately, this service will not be available in the future.)

To request a one on one, please visit this link

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