System Requirements:

If you would like to download the IDE, please check that your computer meets our system requirements: 

OSX 10.8+

Windows 7+ (8+ preferred)

RedHat Linux and Ubuntu Linux. Check out this list to see if your Linux environment meets our requirements.

Download Access:

You can download the IDE only if you have an existing Learn account. You'll log into the IDE with either a Learn-registered email and password, or a with Github account that has previously OAuthed with Learn.

If you do not have a Learn account, you will not be able to log in and use the IDE. Please sign up for an account at first by signing up for a specific course here.

IDE Download Options:

OSX download

Windows download

Ubuntu / Debian

Red Hat

If you'd like to check out the Learn IDE open source project, you can do so here. You can build from source if you'd like, or even download beta releases. Please keep in mind that we do not officially support any of those alternatives. If you are looking for the most low maintenance build that we support, please use the operating system specific links above.


For a step-by-step tutorial on how to download the Learn IDE, go to this Help Center Article.

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