Occasionally you may need to log out of the Learn IDE.

If you are on version 2.0 or higher of the IDE you can do this through the menu (Under Packages > Learn IDE > Logout). Check your version here.

If you are on an earlier version of the IDE (1.9.x or earlier) you should upgrade. If you cannot upgrade for some reason, first open the Learn IDE's development console. You can do this through the menus (under View > Developer) or using the shortcuts: ctrl + alt + i for Windows and cmd + opt + i for Mac.

A new screen will pop up inside of the IDE. Type logout() and press enter. This will open up the window with the logout button. Once you press the logout button, you need to fully quit the Learn IDE. You can easily do this by using the menus. Don't just use the X in the corner to fully quit the Learn IDE.

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