We set students up with the Learn IDE so that they can focus on quickly learning how to program. 

To get set up with the latest version of the IDE, follow these instructions.

Everything you see in the terminal of the Learn IDE is actually taking place on Flatiron’s servers. We've already set up the servers to have all the tools you'll need to complete the labs that you'll encounter in the curriculum. It might not seem like there are a lot of tools needed to start learning how to code, but there are a large numbers of packages to download and commands to run in order to get your computer setup so you can start writing code. It's not even possible on some computers!

We built the Learn IDE so that you could side-step all of the issues involved with setting up a local environment and get right to coding! When you're first learning to code, a lot of your time is spent configuring your system. Once you've got a little experience under your belt, you should move to a local development environment.

When specifically should you move to a local development environment? 

Online Web Developer Program

If for some reason you have a lot of issues with getting the IDE to work for you, we will support a Cloud9 local environment for any student taking the Online Web Developer course with instructional support (also known as FSWD). 

However, we generally recommend that you not set up a local environment until you have passed your CLI Portfolio Project Review. That said, we strongly recommend that you set up a local environment before you move on to the Rails curriculum in the Online Web Developer program since you will need to learn to manage a local environment as a professional developer. To set up a supported local environment as a member of the FSWD program, please follow these instructions.

Immersive Program

Immersive students are required to have a Mac, and to set up their local environment before arriving on campus. To set up your local environment on your Mac, please follow these instructions

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