Note: This option is currently only available after talking with a Technical Coach. They will send you a link to this article for setup. If you were not directed to this article by a Technical Coach, these instructions will not work. 

  1. The Technical Coach should have triggered an email for you to join our Cloud9 team! Check the inbox of the email you gave to the Technical Coach for an email from Cloud9 (Check the Promotions and Spam folder, it might have ended up in there). Click on the activation link it gives you.
  2. Once you click on that link, you can choose to either create a new account, or link an existing account. If you create a new account, you'll have to create a username and fill out a survey. (You may not need to create a password just now, but you can use the Forgot Password button when logging in later if needed). 
  3. You should now be at a screen that looks like this:

4. Go ahead and click the Create a New Workspace button. This will bring you to the following page. Use your github name for the Workspace name, then select Clone Workspace from the bar in the middle, then use the text box to search for flatironenvironment/new-environment . Then click Create Workspace!

5. Cloud9 will now create a new work space for you. This may take a moment. Once this loads up, there are just a couple of setup items to setup!
6. Follow these instructions to add your SSH key to github. Step 1 in those instructions has you use a tool pbcopy  which will not work. Instead run cat ~/.ssh/ and copy the output. Once you complete all those steps, come back to these instructions.
7. Next, run learn whoami and follow the instructions in the command prompt. Note: You must be logged in for this part to work.
8. Run the following two lines in the terminal: git config --global ""  and git config --global "Your Name" (filling in your own information of course). 

You are now all setup! Note: The Open button in Learn will not work. If you're not sure how to proceed, take a look at the Readme in the Cloud9 workspace :) It will have some resources on how to open and work on labs.

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