When starting out in Learn, you'll reach a lesson to link your Github account. When you try and do this, you may get an error message saying that this account is already associated with Learn.

This is happening because you had previously linked your github account with us using a different email. Here is how to fix this:

  • Log out of Learn. To do this, go to learn.co/tracks. Then in the top right hand corner click on the profile icon and select Log Out.
  • Got to https://learn.co and login with your github account.
  • Now you can go to your profile (icon at the top right and select the profile option). Here you can see the email address you previously used to sign up with learn.
  • You'll probably notice that you're not on the same track you were previously, that's because whatever track you were working on has now not been added to your account. To fix this, copy down the email associated with this account, go to www.flatironschool.com and re-sign up for the course you were interested in. This will add it to your Learn account that is associated with your github.

Note: In the event that you want to change your email to the one you were initially using, please contact Learn Support to put in a ticket to archive that old account so you can update your email with your account that is connected with Github.

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