The first thing you'll want to do is check Github's status at If GitHub is down or backed up wait until GitHub is back in full working order before continuing to trouble shoot.

If GitHub's status is good, then what most likely happened was the Learn servers somehow missed the fork event. To fix this, we need to re-fork the lab:

  1. Open your lab on GitHub
  2. You should see at the top where this lab was forked from, open this in another tab
  3. On your copy of the lab, click on the settings button in GitHub and delete the lab
  4. Now go to the tab that shows where this was forked from and press the Fork lab button

You may notice that you've lost all your work on this lab when you look at it on GitHub now. No worries! Go back to this lab in your terminal and just do git push to push all your work back up to GitHub!

See the video below for a walkthrough.

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