System Requirements

To download the IDE, please check that your computer meets our system requirements: 

OSX 10.8+

Windows 7+ (8+ preferred)

RedHat Linux and Ubuntu Linux. Check out this list to see if your Linux environment meets our requirements.

Download Access

You can download the IDE only if you have an existing Learn account. You'll log into the IDE with either a Learn-registered email and password, or a with Github account that has previously OAuthed with Learn.

If you do not have a Learn account, you will not be able to log in and use the IDE. Please sign up for an account at first by signing up for a specific course here.

Getting Ready for Learn IDE 3

If you currently have another version of the Learn IDE on your computer, you must follow these steps to download Learn IDE 3:

  1. Uninstall the current IDE

  2. Delete your ~/.atom file

If you are using Atom with the Learn IDE packages installed, the steps you need to take are a little bit different. Using Atom's package manager, uninstall the following Learn IDE packages: 

  • learn-ide 

  • learn-ide-tree 

  • learn-ide-notifications   

Again, these steps are required in order for Learn IDE 3 to work properly, so please do not skip them.

Downloading and Installing Learn IDE 3

  1. Download Learn IDE 3 here. 

  2. Once it is downloaded and installed, if you are on a Mac, make sure you move Learn IDE out of Downloads and into your Applications folder. For a guide to do so, check out this article.

If you have been using Atom with the Learn IDE packages installed, and would like to continue with that setup:

  1. Use Atom's package manager to install the learn-ide-3 package. 

  2. Once the package is installed, restart Atom and you should receive an update notification from the Learn IDE 3 package. This is in order for the package to install its dependencies. 

  3. Click to install and restart the editor once again, and from there you should be set.

Learn IDE 3 Workflow

With Learn IDE 3, you are basically getting a "new computer" every time you open the application (though we store some configurations on your behalf to get that "computer" working quickly for you). 

This means you won’t see a long list of all of your files/directories in the file tree, but only the files needed for the specific lab you are working on. 

For the best workflow, we recommend opening the application by clicking the "Open" button from your lab page on Learn, or running learn open. The IDE will open a "new computer" for that lab (a new IDE window), and your progress will be saved on Github so that we can restore it should you need to revisit that lab in the future.

Learn IDE 3 Temporary Directory

When you launch the IDE without using the "Open" button or running learn open, we are placing you in the "temporary" directory to indicate that the Learn IDE will not automatically do anything to persist files or directories created during that session. 

In other words, the "temporary" directory is just that: a temporary workspace. If you want to store anything created here, it would be best to back it up to a repository on Github - we do not save that work to GitHub for you. 

If you have further questions or encounter any difficulty, please contact a Technical Coach through Ask a Question (see if your program has Technical Coach support) or contact Technical Support by clicking the Help icon in the lower right side of your screen. 

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