In the Online Software Engineering Program, there is a portfolio project assessment following each module of the curriculum. Students are required to 1) Build a working project in alignment with the requirements 2) Pass a live technical interview style assessment of the project, in order to proceed forward in the program. Students are required to successfully pass each of the five portfolio project reviews to ultimately qualify for graduation from the program. The goal of this process is to prepare you for professional technical interviews and build portfolio of work product that you can share with colleagues and prospective employers.

If you are in the Structured program, your Cohort Lead will facilitate project support during project weeks to support you through this process. 

If you are in the Self-Paced program, you will receive project support from the Section Leads. To start the process of working on your project, please reference the project planning resources and complete the linked planning form. These resources can be found in the designated Slack channel for each module of the curriculum and embedded in the Full Stack Web Development V8 curriculum track as linked here:

CLI Project Planning Resources

Sinatra Project Planning Resources

Rails Project Planning Resources

JavaScript Project Planning Resources

React Project Planning Resources

Upon completion of the project planning form, you will receive a response from the Section Lead with feedback on your planning materials within 2-3 days. Please note that you will not be able to book a project review until you have successfully completed the planning form. While you are working on your project, if you find that you need supplementary support, please attend a Open Office Hours session with a Section Lead which can be found at

Best of luck! We cannot wait to see what you build. 

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