Below you will find a list of common topics that are asked by In-Person students regarding their upcoming Flatiron School experience:


*We ask that students be present on campus Monday through Friday, 9AM to 6PM. Students should let an instructor know in advance if they can’t be there for the entire time.

*If a student if found to be consistently absent for at least three days, that student will be contacted via email and the results will be recorded on the Absence/Drop Record Form. If a student is absent for a fourth and fifth time, the student will be contacted by telephone and email and will be advised of their available options going forward at Flatiron. In addition to absences, three tardies (30 minutes late or more) will be counted as one excused absence.

Code Challenges: 

*The on-campus course is broken into five three-week modules.  Assessments are scheduled and delivered after completion of the second week of each module. If a student does not complete the assessment satisfactorily, the student will be given additional materials to help improve their performance as well as individual support from instructors and be invited to retake the assessment at the end of the third week of that module.

*If a student fails to pass the module on the second attempt, he/she will be given the option to repeat that module in its entirety. If the student fails to complete the module again after having already repeated, the student will be given the opportunity to move to the Flatiron School online course. If the student doesn’t wish to enroll in the online course, they will be dismissed from the program and receive a full refund per the refund policy outlined in the student handbook. Some eligible students may have the option of switching to the Flatiron self-paced online program after discussing other options with Flatiron instructor and manager. 


*Flatiron School is located in Lower Manhattan at 11 Broadway and is easily accessible via public transportation. It is within .5 miles of the Staten Island Ferry, as well as many Subway Stations (1, 2/3, 4/5, R/W, J/Z). It is also easily accessible from New Jersey via the PATH station at World Trade Center.

*Throughout the course, students will have 24-hour access to the school, 7 days per week excluding holidays.

Computer Requirements:

*In order to enroll in the course, students must have access to an Apple computer with the latest OS running (Catalina). If a student cannot fulfill this requirement they may request to loan a computer for the duration of the course. To do so, the student will be required to provide a $1,000 deposit and sign an Equipment Loan Policy and Procedure agreement. The student is required to return the laptop and charger on the earlier of 90 days post-graduation and start of a job. If you are interested in a loaner computer, please email after you’ve been admitted to the class. 


*Before starting a course, students must complete all required preparatory work. The goal of the Pre-work is to get everyone in the program to a minimum baseline of knowledge, while ensuring that all admitted students are dedicated to doing the work necessary to be successful during the remainder of the course.  The Pre-work is a way to help you get to know the vocabulary and some of the material you will be working with very soon. It will also help all students get on the same page before we even begin. Students who do not complete the pre-work in advance of the course start date may be asked to defer their enrollment to a later start date. The prework is not the same track as Bootcamp Prep. It builds on the foundations covered in Bootcamp Prep, but also goes beyond it. It is about 100 additional hours of work. 

Career Services Available for Onsite:

*Access to curriculum about the job search process as the semester progresses

*Help creating your resume and presence on LinkedIn

*Mock cultural and technical interviews

*Assignment of a Career Coach, and 1:1 job-search and career coaching conversations before you start your job search

*Guest speakers who’ve worked in and hired into the industry

(You can learn more about our Career Services and job outcomes at this link:

Please remember to utilize the resources in your course batch and be sure to consistently engage with your peers to prepare for the teamwork that often drives Flatiron School lessons. You can also reference the Flatiron School Student Handbook for more details regarding the topics previously highlighted. 

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