Getting Set Up

The IDE In Browser is the fastest way to get coding on Learn. In order to use the IDE In Browser, make sure you have toggled your environment to be IDE In Browser. Right now this is located on your Account Management Settings under "Manage Account." After that setting is turned on, open a lab on Learn. You'll see the Open IDE button at the top right of the lesson. Click this button and the IDE will open! 

More Details

When you click on the “Open IDE” button, you’ll see the IDE open up in split-screen mode beside your lesson. To the left is the file tree, the list of all your directories and files. When you right-click on these files, you’ll see a menu of actions you can perform on the file or directory. Click on a file and you’ll see its contents populate in the editor window.

In the editor, you’ll be able to modify your file’s contents. To save your work, click off the editor pane, and we’ll trigger a save event. You can also save by using the keyboard shortcuts CMD+s on Mac or CTRL+s on Windows.

To run the test suite for a lab, click on the terminal pane and type learn test and hit enter. To submit your lab, just run learn submit. This command sends your test results to Learn and opens a pull request on GitHub, signaling to Learn that you’re done.

Although split-screen mode is enabled by default, you can toggle between split-screen and full-screen modes by clicking on the button in the menu.

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