At Flatiron School we want every student to have the opportunity to learn how to code and become a developer. This is why we created the Learn IDE, so you can focus as a budding programmer how to code.

As you become a professional developer you will need to learn how to set up your local environment. The following guide will help you determine when to move to the local environment. It also links to instructions to set up your local environment based on your computer's operating system.

Note: These instructions are for Flatiron Software Engineering programs. If you are learning Data Science, Design, or Cyber Security, these instructions don't apply to you.

Online Students

If you have not yet completed the CLI Project, you should Continue using the Learn IDE.

If you have completed your CLI Project, you should switch to the local environment.

Note: Your instructors may recommend switching to a local environment setup sooner. Particularly when debugging complex errors, it is sometimes helpful to have more control over your environment. If your instructor recommends switching to the local environment, follow the instructions for your OS.

In Person Students

If you are still working on the Prework, you can Continue using the Learn IDE

At the end of the Prework, before your first day on campus, you should switch to the local environment. In Person students are required to use Mac OS. Follow the MacOS Manual Setup Instructions.

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