What are Technical Coaches?

The team of Technical coaches is made up of Flatiron graduates who help students get unstuck. Technical Coaches guide students by pair-programming; they ask questions to help students think through their code until they have that eureka moment. They do not give out answers.

In Ask A Question, Technical Coaches will have an extra little blue badge with the Learn bolt.

How do they support students?

Ask A Question - Technical Coaches will pair with a student using Zoom.

Study Groups - Technical coaches lead study groups to help build and solidify conceptual understanding. 

How long is a pairing session with a Technical Coach? 

Each pair programming session lasts for a maximum of 20 minutes. However, on average, this is plenty of time to help you find a solution. During busy times in Ask A Question, there may be a large amount of students needing help. This allows for every student to get help quickly and not have to wait for long periods of time. If you were unable to get unstuck during the timeframe provided, then you can ask to be put back in queue and another Technical Coach will give you a link for more help.

Why do Technical Coaches not give out answers?

Technical Coaches don’t share answers because we want you to learn how to debug, so you can debug on your own in the future. Learning techniques on how to debug is an important skill as a developer. Googling,  rubber ducky debugging (asking yourself the right questions), and pseudocoding are a few methods that developers use to debug. Technical Coaches use them during Ask A Question to guide students into thinking like a developer. 

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