If you set up your VirtualBox environment prior to June 8th, 2018, you may at some point hit an error saying you've run out of disk space within your Virtual Machine. At this point you have two main options:

  1. Go through the updated setup instructions using the new image that uses a resizable hard drive (it will expand as you add things to it).

  2. Delete things on your existing box to clear out space.

If you choose the second option, here are some helpful tips:

1. Run an rvm cleanup using this command: 

rvm cleanup all

to free up a few hundred MB.

2. If you're in the react section, removing the node_modules folder for a lab when you finish with it will also save a bunch of space if you'd rather not delete the entire lab. The quickest way to do this is to run 

rm -rf node_modules

from the lesson directory after you run learn submit.

3. Check how much space you have left on the drive by running:

df -h

this will print out how much space you have available on each partition of your drive.

4. Check how much space each folder is taking up by running:

du -sh ./*/

This will allow you to quickly identify the folders (inside your current working directory) that you can remove to free up the most space. You can use rm -rf name_of_folder to do it all from LXTerminal.

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