Study Groups are a great way to deepen your understanding of a concept as you participate in live discussions with Instructors and peers. We believe that live discussion solidifies your understanding of code as you strengthen your skills to communicate technically.

Students may view upcoming study groups available to them here:

Self-Paced Program

Students in the self-paced program will see a list of study groups available to join here: These groups may be run by Instructors or by your peers. 

Students may RSVP to attend these study groups live, or view a repository of previously recorded study groups here:

Cohort Programs

Students in full-time and part-time cohorts will see two types of study groups listed here:

  1. Study groups run for their cohort specifically that are led by their Cohort Lead. These study groups will have the following weekly schedule for cohorts starting on and after June 10, 2019:

    [Full-time] Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday from 11am-12pm Eastern
    [Part-time] Tuesday & Thursday from 6pm-7pm Eastern

    Recordings of these study groups will be made available to cohort students that would like to review a study group or are unable to attend live. 
  2. Study groups marked as "Supplemental," which are led by other members of the Instructional team  
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