It's possible that you may get some errors when installing the Learn IDE. Here are the first steps you should take to try and get the install working:

  1. If you are on Windows, make sure that you are set as an Admin on your computer (More info-How to Change User Type)

  2. If you have an anti-virus software enabled, try disabling it to install the Learn IDE. We've seen some issues with McAfee especially.

  3. (Windows 64-bit OS Only. See below for Windows 32-bit OS.) If you're re-installing or updating the Learn IDE, there might be some old data that you need to manually delete first. It's usually stored at C:\Users\#{username}\AppData\Local\Temp. You need to move the Temp file into the trash. If you don't find the Temp file there, then you can check and make sure this is the correct location by opening up your command prompt (go to the start menu and search for cmd) and pasting in: rd /s /q %LOCALAPPDATA%\temp. This sill show you the location of the Temp file that you need to remove.

  4. Try installing the Learn IDE again.

If these steps did not help, we'll need to follow the steps to manually install the Learn IDE from Atom. Don't worry if you don't know what this means, we'll walk you through it here!

Windows 32-bit OS

You have followed all of the Learn IDE download instructions but yet may still see this error, Win32Exception (0x80004005): The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform

This is usually caused by attempting to install a 64-bit app on a 32-bit OS. The default Windows download of the Learn IDE is a 64-bit app and not compatible with your 32-bit Windows machine!

Never fear, there is a solution! Go to Atom and install the 32-bit version of Atom for Windows, "", (not the 64-bit version, ""). Once Atom is installed, you can then install the Learn IDE package manually with Atom

Windows 10 

On Windows 10, you may see the error, This app can’t run on your PC. In addition to possibly being due to installing a 64-bit app on a 32-bit OS, this error could  be caused for other reasons described in this article. Try these solutions and this should resolve your download setback!

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