Our curriculum is open-source so if you'd like to submit an edit, you can do so via Github, an open-source platform. At the top of a lesson you should see a flag button. This button will open an issue on the canonical GitHub repository for the lesson.

Use this Raise an Issue button when there is an issue specific to a lab or lesson. The issue should be something you can’t fix by editing the content, and it should not be related to the Learn software. The best way to log it is on the actual lesson repository (using the Raise an Issue button), so all issues related to a lesson are housed in the same location.

Once you’ve filled out the issue with detailed information, click submit. The curriculum team will be notified that there is an open issue on the lesson’s repository. They may follow up with you on the issue in GitHub.

Note: Do not open a GitHub issue on the lesson repository if you are having a problem with the IDE or your local environment, or if there is an issue with the Learn software that is not lesson-specific. You will not receive assistance for those issues via this avenue.

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