First, check this article to see if the reason your files are not saving is related to your terminal being in focus. If that is not the case, proceed with this article.

Saving a file is dependent on that file first being sent to our server, so this issue may come up occasionally when you try to save. Usually it means there is something wrong with your file sync connection and you should try refreshing it. If that doesn't work, you may want to copy the file contents to a separate text editor, notepad or whatever, and restart the IDE. Atom should cache the contents of the unsaved file for you... but just to be safe you will want to keep it somewhere, and then paste it back in once you've gotten the IDE up and running again.

To test that a file has been saved, save the file and then run cat path/to/file.

So if you are in a lab directory, and want to check the index.js file in the root dir, you can do cat index.js

If you want to check a ttt file in the lib folder, it would be cat lib/ttt.rb.

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