Please note that students who join our free Coding Bootcamp Prep course after September 4th, 2018, will not have to worry about We will teach you more about the platform and its usability as you join us in our paid programs. If you fall under this category and are having issues with opening a lab, please email for assistance.

The Learn Open button actually automates two processes for you:

  • Forking - copying the lab from learn-co-students to your github account

  • Cloning - copying the lab from your github account to your working environment

This article will take you through how to execute these processes manually, without the Learn button. 

Forking the lab

Open the lab on Learn and look at the button at the top that will bring you to the lab's GitHub page.

Click this button and it will bring you to the copy of the lab that's stored in the learn-co-students organization. Click the Fork button in the top right.

This will open up a modal asking where you would like to fork this lab to. Select which account you'd like it fork it to.

Note: It's possible that you've already forked this lab. If that's the case, it will show up in the bottom of this modal that pops up and you can just click the link to go there. If that link does not start with your github username though, you'll want to make sure to for this lab.

That's it! You've forked the lab. Now it's time to...

Clone the Lab

Click the link along the right side that says Clone or download. It will open up a small box. If you click what's shown as item 2 in the image below, the URL to the left of that button will be automatically copied to your clipboard for you.

Note: You want to make sure you're copying the SSH link and not the HTTPS link.

Once you have this link copied to your clipboard, we can use the clone command to copy it to our working environment. Here we are going to use the Learn IDE as the example. Open up the Learn IDE. Now run git clone <link-copied-from-step-above>. This will copy the lab to your working environment. Now we can simply change directories into the lab with cd <name-of-the-lab>!

These are all the steps that the Learn Open button performs for you!

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