The Learn IDE is a Flatiron School cross-platform open source application (OS X, Windows, Linux) that allows Learn students to write code in a modern text editor (Atom) and use a fully-configured Terminal. The application is our own custom fork of GitHub's Atom text editor, that adds to it a virtualized Terminal. The Learn IDE runs locally rather than in the browser, and on top of our own infrastructure.

The Learn IDE app runs against a Learn IDE server in our cloud, to which all users connect. The file system that is exposed to you in the Learn IDE (in your code directory, seen in the file browser) is synchronized to the Learn IDE server. All commands that you, the student, type into the terminal window are relayed to the Learn IDE server, and the response is echoed from that server. Because the Learn IDE server has been configured to have all packages required to develop on Learn, there is less probability of a development environment configuration issue, which can be a time consuming troubleshooting process. 

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