**If you are using Linux or your local environment, the open button will not work for you. Please follow the workaround instructions provided in this article or in this article on how to manually open a lab.**

Open button is opening Atom instead of the IDE:

  1. Fully quit the Learn IDE (NOT just the X in the top corner).

  2. Open the IDE directly without using the Open button on learn.co.

  3. While the IDE is open, click on the Open button on learn.co and it should open in the IDE instead of the raw Atom application.

Open button isn't opening labs at all:

  1. Try the above steps

  2. OR try typing learn open in the command line of the IDE. This should open your next lab.

Error message pops up when using the Open button

You may see a message pop up saying asking if you want to trust the Learn IDE and that it is an application downloaded from the web. We can assure you that the Learn IDE is safe and it is OK to open it up on your computer.

The learn open command in the IDE is opening the wrong lab:

1. Go to learn.co and click on the Octocat GitHub icon to open the repository for the lab. (e.g. for the First Lab lab, click on the Octocat just to the right of the open button to see the repository)

2. Copy the repository name on GitHub.

3. Then, in the IDE, run learn open lab-repository-name-example-v-000. This should open the proper lab in the IDE. When you run tests or submit your changes your "current lab" setting will be updated in Learn.

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