Getting Started

In order to get started on Learn, check out our available courses on Once you've decided on a course to try, sign up for it with your email address, and you'll be placed into your selected course on Learn.

Email account

If you just started Learn and you've given us your email address, congratulations! You've taken the first step to set up an account on Learn. Right now Learn is cached in your browser, but you have another step to take to finalize your account (and be able to log in and out as well as save your progress).

You can see if you are at this step by clicking on the grey avatar in the top right corner of Learn. If nothing happens when you click there, you should continue to proceed through the course until you are prompted to create your Email and Password Account.

Email and Password account

Having an email and password account on Learn is an awesome step, because you are now able to use the Learn IDE to program! Most likely you were prompted to complete your account with a password when you downloaded the IDE. It looked something like this:

Not sure if you have this type of account? It's easy to figure out! Click on the grey avatar in the top right corner of Learn. If a Log Out menu item appears, you have an Email and Password account on Learn.

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