There are two ways to blog on Learn:

1. Learn-hosted Blog

You can create your blog through Learn, and have a Learn-hosted blog. This is a brand new blog. If you create your blog through Learn, you are able to write, edit and submit posts directly from the app. Blogs created on Learn live on GitHub pages on your account.


2. A Connected Blog

You link to an external blog that you already have set up. With a connected blog you will not be able to use the Learn editor, but will write blog posts on your separate blogging platform, and provide the links to those blog posts through our blogging dashboard.

Here’s what you need to do to get blogging:

  • Go set up your blog right now.
  • Write your first post! Make the first one personal (but the rest should be about code ;)). Talk about why you decided to learn software development. What’s your personal journey? Tweet it at @learn_co so we can read your story.

**Note: Blogging is available for specific Flatiron School programs. If you do not see a blogging module on your homepage, your program or course does not include blogging.

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