The Section Leads help provide support to our students going through the Online Web Developer program.

They do this by running study groups, having one-on-ones with students, and reviewing student projects. They also help improve the curriculum as they see issues come up!

If you're in the Online Web Developer program, you'll meet with the Section Leads a minimum of 5 times as you have live code reviews of your projects with them. You can also sign up and request study groups that they run!

The Section Lead for each section is: 

Pre-CLI (Intro to Ruby - HTML/CSS) - Dustin Anderson -

CLI (Procedural Ruby to Object Oriented Ruby) - Dustin Anderson -

Sinatra - Ayana Zaire Cotton -

Rails - Jenn Hansen -

JavaScript - Sophie Creutz -

React and Redux - Alice Balbuena -

If you are not in the Online Web Developer program you won't have access to the Section Leads, but you can still study with your peers and make your own study groups!

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