Section Leads and Coaches are the Self-Paced Online Software Engineering Bootcamp's instructors. They are here to support students through the curriculum. 😄

These instructors run study groups each week, including live lectures, open office hours, project support, and more.  You can view a library of recorded lectures at  They also run portfolio project reviews which are the assessments at the end of each of the 5 sections of the curriculum.

Not sure which section you're in?  Each section is named by the portfolio project at the end.  Here is a quick guide: If you haven't had a portfolio project assessment yet, you are in the CLI section.  If you've passed your CLI project assessment but not your Sinatra project assessment yet, you're in the Sinatra section, and so on. 

Please note the instructors listed below and where in the curriculum you will work with them. We look forward to working with you!

Section Lead: Dakota Martinez

What I Teach: React

Section Lead: Tao Liu
What I Teach: Rails, JavaScript

Section Lead: Dustin Anderson
What I Teach: CLI, Sinatra, Rails

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