Financing is only available for students enrolling in the Online Web Developer Program.

Once you enroll in the Online Web Developer program, you’ll be able to choose between paying tuition monthly or enrolling in a financing plan. If you decide to pay monthly, you will enter your credit card information into Learn and will be charged monthly on the billing date you select.

If you choose a financing option, you’ll be asked to input your credit card information on Learn, and will then have 7 days from the date you submit your credit card information to apply for a loan from one Flatiron School’s third party financing provider (Skills Fund) or from an alternative third party financing provider. On day 14 of your access to the Online Web Developer program, you will be charged $1,500 for the first month’s payment. The first $1,500 cannot be financed. You will then be required to complete and sign loan documentation, after which the lender will either forward your loan balance for tuition directly to you or directly to Flatiron School. You will be required to honor your loan obligations directly with the third party financing providers. For information on cancellation and refund policies, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

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