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First, let's make sure you have SSH access to GitHub. Use this link ( to check. If you do NOT have SSH access to GitHub, check out this article first: /workflow/github/add-ssh-key-to-github

You can check what type of URL you are currently using by typing in git remote -v into your terminal while you are in the lab directory:

// ♥ git remote -vorigin (fetch)origin (push)

If the links show origin https... then you are using an HTTPS link. If the links come back with origin then you are already using SSH.

If you're links are currently set to HTTPS, you'll need to change it to SSH to properly submit the lab. To do this, open up the lab in GitHub. Click on the 'Clone or Download' button in the top right. Make sure you select the SSH link, and then click the clipboard icon to copy the link to your clipboard (this is the same as highlighting the whole link and selecting copy).

Now go back to your lab directory in the terminal and type in git remote set-url origin <copy-link-here>. This will set the link for the GitHub origin!

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