Please note that students who join our free Coding Bootcamp Prep course after September 4th, 2018, will not have to worry about We will teach you more about the platform and its usability as you join us in our paid programs.

You may be wondering what GitHub is and why we use it on Learn. GitHub is a code hosting platform used by millions of developers around the world for version control and collaboration. Learn integrates with GitHub for those very reasons - we want you to use the same tools as professional developers while you are learning to code.

Learn will be creating and pushing to repositories on GitHub on your behalf. This is a great way to build a portfolio of work on GitHub. You will be prompted to create a new GitHub account to connect with Learn (or connect your existing GitHub account) when you reach the first lab in a technical application track, prework track, or paid course.

If you are concerned about the permissions we request, check out this article for more information. If you want to know when you connect your GitHub account with Learn, check out When Does My Learn Account Connect to GitHub?


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