Please note that students who join our free Coding Bootcamp Prep course after September 4th, 2018, will not have to worry about We will teach you more about the platform and its usability as you join us in our paid programs. If you fall under this category and are having issues with submitting a lesson, please email for assistance.

Sometimes when you run learn submit you may be unable to submit.

One common issue you may run into is having to input your username and password when you run learn submit. It will look something like this:

This means that the lab was somehow cloned down using the HTTPS link rather than the SSH link. To fix this, first make sure you have SSH access with GitHub. You can test this by typing ssh -T This should come back with something like Hi <your-github-username>! You've successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access. If you do not see this return, then follow these steps to add your SSH key to GitHub.

Once you can confirm that you have SSH access to GitHub, follow this article to update the GitHub remote URL from HTTPS to SSH.

Having other issues with learn submit? Let us know so we can add more information to this article!

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