You may be referred to this article from our support team so that you can retrieve a set of information that we can use to help trouble shoot IDE issues:

  • How often do you notice the Learn IDE disconnecting? Once a day? Once a week? 3 times and hour?
  • How stable is your internet connection? We can test this by:
  1. Getting a host IP by typing echo $HOST_IP  into your Learn IDE terminal (if you cannot get into your IDE terminal, just use 
  2. Mac/Linux: Open the Terminal app. Run ping ip-address-from-above -c 25
    - or -  Windows: Search for cmd  and open the Command Prompt. Then runping ip-address-from-above -n 25

       In both cases, we're looking for information that looks like this:              

25 packets transmitted, 25 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 4.594/5.841/8.792/0.975 ms
  •  Go to and run a speed test. We are looking for the ping, download speeds, and upload speeds. 
  • What city are you in and what is the nearest city? If you are not in the US, what country are you in and what is the nearest city?
  • Open the Learn IDE and run echo $HOST_IP  in the terminal and let us know what it returns. 

Providing this information to our support team will greatly help us resolve Learn IDE issues. 

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