Note: This article does not pertain to portfolio projects that are meant to be built on your own.

There are some large lessons in the curriculum (that are still test driven) that we call Projects. These are lessons like Tic Tac Toe with AI, Fwitter, Flatiron Store, and JQuery Tic Tac Toe.

If you like, you can do these projects as a group and use pair programing tools like Screen Hero (ask around on Slack if you need an invite), Zoom or TeamViewer. 

Once you work out who is in your group, have one person for the repo and everyone will work off of this fork (you can for their fork of the repo!). The person who forked it will add everyone to their team on Learn on the right rail:

Once you are all done with the project, the person who did the initial fork from learn-co-students submits the project and everyone will get credit!

Note: Each team member will not be able to go into Learn to fill out their team. You'll notice you'll have trouble adding others who are already marked as submitted or others that are on a team that was marked as submitted. 

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